Atlassian Jira Application Mobile Configuration For MobilityStream

Jira Add Ons & Apps

Download and install Add-On from Atlassian Marketplace

1) Once you are logged in as a Jira administrator, select Add-Ons from the Administration menu
2) Click on the “Find New Add-Ons” link
3) Enter “Mobile” into the search box and hit enter
4) Select either “Free trial” or “Buy now” button on the “Mobility for Jira” entry

Step 1


Install Mobility for Jira -Team on your Mobile device

1) Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad
2) Hit search
3) Enter “Mobility for Jira” into the search box
4) Install the “Mobility for Jira – Team” app to your mobile device

Step 2


Log in to JIRA Connect

1) Open the just installed “Mobility for Jira – Team” app and allow to receive Push Notifications
2) On the login screen, enter your Jira username, password, and URL
3) Turn on the store password option if you wish to do so
4) Once the app finds the plugin, the login button is enabled, tap it to log on

Step 3


Set up Push Notifications

1) Go to Settings
2) Scroll down to the Push Notifications section and turn on/off all Jira events for which you would like to receive notifications. You will start receiving notifications for issue that you are watching, are the assignee or reporter.

Step 4

Keep in mind that you won’t receive notifications for changes that you perform yourself. You will need to login as a different user to Jira for testing.